December 28, 2010

More Christmas Celebrating

Papa Joe and Grandma Judy arrived this evening, so we had a big dinner and opened presents afterward. It's such a long drive from Paris, Tenn., and we're so thankful they did the driving this Christmas. Mr. Morgan often talks about learning to fly a helicopter, buying one, and flying it to Paris when we want to visit. Joe and Judy have an empty field next to their house that would be a perfect landing spot. Somehow I don't think a helicopter will ever be in our budget.

Claire and Hamilton were both excited to open more gifts from Grandma Judy and Papa Joe. In a short time we made a big mess on the floor that Mr. Morgan so diligently vacuumed and mopped today.
Claire gave Grandma Judy some potholders with her art printed on them. Every year Claire's school has a fundraiser where we can order different items with Claire's best piece of artwork printed on them. The art-inspired items make good gifts for grandmothers, and Claire is always so proud of her artwork.
The Welches are here for several days, and we have many fun things planned. I'll post pictures of our other family events in the days to come. Next time I'll make sure to get Papa Joe in a picture or two.

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