April 4, 2011

Itty Bitty Living Space

Weeks ago we helped Travis move out of his three-bedroom house, and last Monday he finally was able to move into his new, trendy apartment in downtown Columbia. His apartment has 700 square feet of living space--nearly half what his house had. To help fit him and his stuff into his new digs, Mom and I volunteered to help him unpack. I enjoy a good challenge, and I love to organize, turning chaos into order.
This half wall delineates his bedroom which meant during Hamilton's nap time we had to close him in the closet. Since the closet had a pocket door that couldn't be locked, Hamilton managed to escape once which so surprised me and frightened him that when I told him sternly to lie down and go to sleep he pouted and cried for a minute or so on his makeshift pallet. He did sleep, though with all our noise his nap was cut shorter than normal.
When we arrived, the apartment was stuffed with boxes and furniture. We started by arranging the living-room furniture, so we'd have some order as we started unpacking boxes. Next we unpacked the kitchen containing only one drawer and six cabinets. Since he doesn't have a separate pantry, we designated two of the cabinets for food.
Some of the mess on the floor is Hamilton's. Despite spending most of the day cooped up in the small apartment after a 90-minute drive from Charleston, Hamilton maintained a good attitude. He enjoyed playing with all of Uncle Travis's things, especially his basket full of tennis balls, softballs, and golf balls.
Travis left work early to help us and make sure I didn't throw away anything he desperately wanted to keep. His mattress got wet while in storage, so it had been propped up all week with a fan blowing on it. Hamilton loved the little cave that was created.
The walk-in closet was roomy; however, it was the only closet in the whole apartment, so it had to hold tools, sporting equipment, and linens in addition to clothes and shoes.
With Travis's input, we organized his bedroom and closet. By the late afternoon we began hanging pictures on the wall, which always adds a finishing touch to any space.

We stored his appliances on top of the cabinets in the kitchen, and upon the recommendation of a neighbor we put his microwave on top of the refrigerator.
His living room is spacious considering the apartment's size, of which Hamilton took full advantage by running around after the floor was cleared.
His bedroom was cozy, and his closet fit his golf clubs, paintball equipment, and tool boxes with the use of some old shelves that Mom brought. Since Dad fashioned the shelves forty years ago for the newlyweds, they've been used in many different apartments and houses that Travis and I have occupied over the years.
After our hard work, we grabbed a late dinner before Hamilton and I headed back to Charleston and Mom to the farm. We were all exhausted but satisfied with our progress.


  1. His apartment is like something you would expect to find in a big city! And what a strange feeling it is to type that since Columbia used to seem like such a big city to me!