April 10, 2011

Quick Getaway

Friday Hamilton and I headed to the farm, so I could leave him with Mimi and Pops for about 24 hours. Hamilton was super excited to be at the farm because Mimi and Pops just got some baby chicks.
Hamilton ran around the chicken coop for the longest time talking excitedly and pointing to the chicks. He couldn't get enough!

I had a girls' night planned with my Mountville girlfriends up in Saluda, NC. With Hamilton settled, I eagerly jumped in the car with Mollie and headed up the road. We girls dined at The Purple Onion on Friday night where we enjoyed delicious food and non-stop talking, sharing, and catching up. The last time we all gathered in the mountains was three years ago, so it was high time we did it again. While feeling so full from dinner, we headed back to the mountain house where we stayed up until nearly 2 am doing more talking and laughing.

Saturday morning Mollie made us sausage casserole for breakfast as we sipped coffee and talked some more--noticing a theme? We stayed in our pajamas most of the morning until Emily had to leave early. Panic set in because there was no time for all of us to get "camera ready" for a group shot before Em left. So she and Becca are pictured here as the two of us out of pajamas by 11:30.
The rest of us finally dressed and headed downtown Saluda for lunch at "the grill" which was part of this quaint grocery store. 
We each ordered cheeseburgers and onion rings. Becca and I, the pregnant ones, finished our meals with thick chocolate shakes.
We missed all the other cousins and sisters who weren't able to come this time, but we're hoping to have another getaway in the fall. I enjoyed my fun night and day with my oldest friends, and I'm so glad we were able to get away before my little one arrives.

Mr. Morgan and Claire had some fun, father-daughter time with a bike ride on Friday afternoon and a trip to the Charleston Air Expo on Saturday. Claire enjoyed searching out the booths that were giving away free stickers and inflatable airplanes. She came back with a bag full of free goodies. I'm sure she also liked seeing the fast-flying, twirling jets.


  1. Gray, that looks like so much fun. I'm glad all the Mountville girls are doing well! And good luck with baby #2! I'm hoping we can come to Mountville for Thanksgiving this year and see everybody.

  2. oh gray! how fun! bess said what a fun time ya'll had! thanks for sharing some pics!

    and hamilton is precious with those chics! cute video! :D