April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

While part of me was disappointed to be still waiting for Collier to make his appearance, I was happy not to miss Easter Sunday at church. We hadn't made any grand plans for the day, since we weren't sure if we'd be in the hospital. We enjoyed a church-wide breakfast before the worship service, and the men's horn group played during worship, which is always such a special treat.

I tried to get some pictures of Hamilton in his Easter finest, but he was much more interested in the cookies that are served following the service. I placated him with two fig newtons, which we called cookies, though I'm sure he'd have preferred the chocolate-chip ones.
For lunch the Hardee-Whites invited us to join their family celebration which included Alex's parents, so we enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner and fine afternoon fellowship. The boys played outside after lunch--the big boys did too.
Though the sunlight was much too bright for this picture, I thought we'd better snag a family photo (minus Claire) before the little one arrives.

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