April 12, 2011

Blog Anniversary

Today is my blog's two-year anniversary. I looked back at last year's post on April 12 wondering why I hadn't thought about my one-year anniversary then. When I saw my post about finishing the Twilight Saga books, I remembered my preoccupied mind during those weeks.

My first post ever outlined why I started a blog, and many of those reasons haven't changed. I've enjoyed most everything about blogging these last two years, and I'm looking forward to growing and expanding Morgan Adventures. To my faithful readers, thank you for reading. You are such an encouragement to me.

1 comment:

  1. Yours is the only blog I read. I really enjoy hearing about your family. Seth can tell when I've read your posts because I'll start off a conversation about whatever you most recently posted. It's fun to have an inside view of such a wonderful family. :-)