April 22, 2011

Hunting Easter Eggs

Hamilton's school held an Easter-egg hunt on Thursday. Since this was Hamilton's first hunt, I wondered how he'd fare. He and his classmates walked hand-in-hand to the playground for the hunt.
He and Grady, who's a veteran Easter-egg hunter with two hunts already under his belt, went to work "finding" eggs lying in the grass and filling their baskets.
Hamilton's already getting bored with saying "cheese" for Mama to take a picture of him, so I didn't get any direct eye contact this time.
I think the boys were comparing their loot.
Hamilton's basket (the only one I had in the house) is from our wedding. Claire carried it down the aisle while she dropped rose petals. Hamilton really excelled at finding the eggs, quickly filling his little basket. He spent most of the remaining time putting his eggs back in his basket when it continued to overflow.
Hamilton figured out that the eggs open, so he was quick to check out the insides. Much to his and Grady's dismay, the eggs were empty.
I dressed Hamilton in his Easter-Sunday outfit for this occasion because I wasn't sure (and I'm still not) if we'd be able to attend church on Easter Sunday. He thought the smocked bunny on his jon-jon suit was a horse, so he kept saying, "Ahsee, ahsee" all day when pointing to his chest.
JaiLynne and I attempted to get our boys to stand by each other for a picture with their full baskets. This shot is as close as we got.
Hamilton did stand still long enough for a quick picture with me--and my big belly.
Back in their classroom, the kids enjoyed cupcakes, juice boxes, and bananas.
Though Hamilton went for the bananas first, he thoroughly enjoyed his cupcake.

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  1. Tell Hamilton that Mimi and Pops are bringing him some eggs with stuff in them.