April 29, 2011

Hamilton and Collier

Mimi and Hamilton came to visit us this morning in the hospital. Hamilton seemed a little more interested in little Collier: He kept pointing to him saying, "Baby, baby!" He, however, did not want to hold Collier when Mimi asked him. Mr. Morgan recorded this video from our morning visit. I think it's indicative of what's most fascinating to Hamilton at this point.

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  1. Gray, I am so glad that you left a comment bc I had lost your blog address. I have loved looking through the pictures of your new little one. You look like you have one very big helper! Claire is precious and beautiful!

    We are all safe and doing good. It will be interesting to see how the kids adjust. They seem fine, but it will be interesting to see how they do the next time it storms. They have not seen any of the pictures of Tuscaloosa, although they know that Wellon's house was hurt really bad. And Ella was in the room when the tornado was going through Tuscaloosa. Even driving them home I try to keep them distracted so they don't see all the damage. One thing that is so great is that we are gong to rent the house next door while we rebuild our house, so hopefully they will not feel too displaced. The next several months are going to be very interesting! As are yours!!! Two small kiddos is a very big adventure! It will be so fun and very crazy!