April 18, 2011

Readying the Nest

Yesterday was my official due date, so I guess technically I'm "overdue." Babies tend to come when they're ready, so I'm not fretting too much at this point. Plus, I have several things that need to get done during this Holy Week, and there are several events at church I'd rather not miss either.

Today I finished the nursery officially. Saturday I finished touching up the paint in a few places, and today I vacuumed one last time. We've made a few changes since it was Hamilton's nursery because now it also doubles as a guest bedroom.
We also added a chest of drawers to make it friendly for overnight guests.
The crib is in the same place with the same bedding, but Deb replaced the squashed stuffing in the bumper making it all look new again.
I love seeing all the little clothes hanging in the closet, including the bumblebee costume that will hopefully see some more use.
With the furniture rearrangement leaving no wall space, I moved the monogram letters to above the curtain. Now the nursery is ready, and we're ready for Collier Welch's appearance any day now.

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