May 2, 2011

At Home

Our cutely decorated front door and cheery geranium welcomed us home from the hospital on Saturday evening. Thanks to the crafty Koch family for the signs and Mom for the plant.
Mom fixed a delicious dinner for our first meal back at home; it tasted even better because it wasn't hospital food. Mom also brought beautiful flowers from her garden to brighten up our house.
Just a couple hours before we left the hospital, Dad came to visit on his way back into town. He'd had to leave on Thursday just before Collier was born. We were glad he could come back for the weekend.
Our first two days at home have been nice; Mom's still here helping take care of things. Collier's eating and sleeping well, though I'm a bit sleep deprived with my sleep coming in two-hour increments. Claire's still super psyched about the new addition, and Hamilton still not so much. He's been mostly ignoring Collier, but just tonight he patted Collier's head and gave him a goodnight kiss. I hope to get some pictures of them together tomorrow, if I can convince Hamilton to sit near Collier.

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