July 3, 2011

Making a Choo-Choo Train

Claire's idea for Hamilton's birthday was to make him a train cake. So this past week Mimi and Aunt Judy worked out the logistics of creating a train cake, deciding to make individual cakes for each train car. Mimi bought animal crackers and Swiss Cake Rolls, Twizzlers and pretzel sticks to help create the different train cars.
I made a big batch of frosting, and we added food coloring to make several different colors.
Aunt Judy worked on the caboose, and Claire decided to make a car with half coal and half sand. Jess created a log car, and I tried to do a circus car with animals in cages. The project was so fun; however, we are definitely not professional cake decorators. The yellow cake and buttercream frosting was so delicious even if it didn't look professional.
Though our train looked a bit funny, Hamilton knew exactly what it was. And, as usual, he was so excited to see a train!
At church I mentioned to Bonnie (who made Hamilton's cake last year) that we attempted a train for his cake. We definitely could have used her expertise as a cake decorator!

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