July 15, 2011


Two days each week Hamilton has standing playdates at Grady's and West's houses, and on Thursday mornings I watch all three boys. Since school was out for the summer, we moms decided we needed scheduled times each week for the boys to play together--and for us to have some time away from our two-year-olds. We call it "camp."

Last week I kept the boys outside most of the morning, and they played in the pool and spinkler. Well, West was a little timid around the water, so he spent most of his time on the backporch playing with toys.
After a few minutes I went inside to check on the sleeping baby. When I came back out, the boys had loaded themselves into the wagon. I pulled the heavy crew around the yard for a few minutes.
Then West got out to try his hand at pulling the other two. I guess I'd made it look like so much fun.
Grady and Hamilton also decided to try pulling the wagon, but they both declare, "Tuh heh-bee, tuh heh-bee" before giving up.

Hamilton and West got a little stuck at one point. The wagon makes for such cute pictures, and I didn't need to do any cajoling to get them to play with the wagon.

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