July 30, 2011

Four-Alarm Birthday

Amanda and I threw a firetruck-themed birthday party for Hamilton and Grady who both turned two in July. And by "Amanda and I," I mean mostly Amanda. The party had been scheduled before my descent into the pit, so Amanda did most of the shopping and gathering of party items after my surgery. Saturday morning 11 kids and their parents came over to our house for a water-play party. The kids played in Hamilton's pool, with the beach-ball sprinkler, and at Grady's water table.
We served WATERmelon and HOTdogs to stay on theme along with some other party food. My small contribution to the party was the firetruck cake: Though it was pitiful looking, it was recognizable as a firetruck by four-year-old Abby Koch. The boys didn't seem to mind the sad look of the cake with its crazy, too-much-butter icing. They ate it with such delight.

The dalmation-puppy cupcakes turned out much cuter, but only the adults could really appreciate their relation to the theme.
Because Amanda's an awesome mom and party-planner, she arranged for a real firetruck to make an appearance at the end of the party. The kids loved it!
Hamilton ran to the front yard once he heard there was a firetruck. He pointed excitedly at the firetruck as he ran to get a better look.
The kids took turns trying out the driver's seat in the firetruck. Hamilton wore his official-looking fireman's hat with pride.
We attempted a group shot in front of the firetruck.

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