July 3, 2011

Fun for the Fourth

The parade is the highlight of the celebration in Mountville, but with so many friends who come back for the festivities, the whole evening feels like a family reunion. Now all my friends and I have so many kids that it's mass chaos during the hot-dog supper. Collier enjoyed a late-afternoon snooze on Grandma's lap, and Aunt Judy got to experience her first July Fourth celebration in Mountville.
The big boys lounged in the shade after the hot-dog supper.
Travis brought Jess to Mountville for the crazy fun, so hopefully she wasn't too overwhelmed.
Though there were rambunctious children as far as the eye could see, the older folks did make a strong showing with Grandma on the far left holding Collier.
The newest baby in attendance was Samuel who's one month old, and he looked so sweet sleeping on Cindy's lap.
Hamilton played with the dirty tricycle for a long time, and three-year-old Maggie Brooke jumped on while Hamilton pushed.
Then Maggie Brooke returned the favor and pushed Hamilton around.
Hamilton loved the go-cart ride!

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