July 13, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Though it's now been over a week since little Hamilton officially turned one, I'm finally posting about our family party we had on our vacation. We commissioned our dear friend Bonnie to make his cake, since she's so talented. I emailed her a picture of the ubiquitous Mr. Waddles, so she could incorporate Hamilton's favorite stuffed animal who's been with him since the beginning.
Capturing a video of a one-year-old just inches away from his birthday cake is not easy. Somehow he doesn't know you're "not ready yet."

Hamilton LOVED the singing, of course, and he especially loved everyone looking at him and smiling while singing to him. In case you haven't been to a kid's birthday party in the last few years, there's the "regular" Happy Birthday and there's Happy Birthday, Cha-Cha-Cha--that's the version Claire likes, so she's singing that one.

Hamilton thought cake and ice cream was the best thing ever. Notice how he's accepting the bite from Uncle Travis while simultaneously also reaching for his plate for more.I love how his nose scrunches up! And, we spoon-fed him birthday cake because he couldn't figure out how to break the slice of cake into pieces with his fingers and put them in his mouth. I'm also afraid he'll choke since he sometimes shoves food into his mouth like a fat kid.Consequently, he didn't get too messy. He did, however, definitely want to eat more cake and ice cream than we wanted to give him.Hamilton ate all of his cake so quickly that he had to watch the rest of us eat ours when he was done.

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