July 16, 2011

Two Boys, One Visit

I made appointments for both Collier and Hamilton to see our doctor together, since Hamilton's two-year checkup coincided with Collier's two-month checkup. Though it was great only to get out with them once instead of twice, I had my hands full at the doctor's office. Both boys are growing quickly with Collier weighing in at 13 pounds and 7 ounces. He's the size Hamilton was at about five months old! Collier's 25 inches long, which is an inch longer than Hamilton was at two months old. Collier cried a lot more with his vaccine shots than Hamilton did, but he'd calmed down before we left the office. Hamilton weighed 31 pounds, and the doctor said he was growing normally and talking well--by "well" I think she meant "all the time."
Hamilton loves to play on the floor with Collier. This shot is indicative of what usually happens after a minute or two on the floor: Hamilton begins his roll onto Collier.

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