July 30, 2011

The Two-Week Pit

Friends, readers, and fellow bloggers, how I've missed you and missed writing in this space. The first few days after my appendectomy seemed fine, but after the pain of surgery subsided I did not feel any better. I felt worse in different ways. I felt mentally like I was surviving in a dark pit for that week, and I didn't even have the mental energy to open my laptop--much less blog. With Mom's fantastic, encouraging help, we survived. We also received tons of delicious food and encouraging notes from our church family and friends, reminding me I was not alone or forgotten.

After multiple calls and conversations with various doctors and nurses during the worst-feeling week of my life, they decided to do another CT scan this past Thursday which revealed an abscess had developed following my appendectomy. Friday Mr. Morgan and I were back in the hospital so I could have the abscess drained, and now I'm finally feeling much better. I have several posts planned including Hamilton's joint birthday party with Grady and Collier's three-month update.

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