September 2, 2010

First Day

Yesterday was Hamilton's first day of "school." I stuffed his backpack, whom we're calling Moo-Cow, with diapers, clothes, and a sippy cup. I had to drain the water from the sippy cup, since the extra weight on his back promptly tipped him over. With an empty sippy cup, Hamilton was able to wear Moo-Cow on his back, which looked so cute!
Hamilton seemed confident once we arrived. He eyed his new room full of toys and books, then he took off not even looking back at me once. I love this report the teacher gives each day, and her last written comment says, "I can tell he loves music." And it's his first craft! It's proudly displayed on the refrigerator. I'm sure Hamilton didn't actually do much of this craft, but it's cute nonetheless.
Here's our boy on the eight-minute ride home from school. What a tiring morning!

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