May 14, 2011

Twenty-Two Months Old

Hamilton turned 22 months on May 5, and I've been remiss in posting his monthly update. He's saying so many words now, and he's continuing to put more new words together into phrases. Mr. Morgan gave Hamilton a geranium blossom, and I couldn't resist snapping some shots of him as he played with the flower. He started getting frustrated with his flower when the petals kept falling off due to his rough play.
When Pops was here, he taught Hamilton to look both ways before crossing the street. So now Hamilton likes to say, "No cahr, no cahr," as he turns his head from side to side before we cross the street. He also likes to say it when he's talking about Pops. He smiles from ear to ear as he says, " cahr, no cahr."
Some afternoons Hamilton enjoys a snack. Usually his snack of choice is chips when Mr. Morgan eats them. Lately Hamilton's starting saying, "'nack, 'nack," when he wants a little something. He also puts his fingers up to his mouth, showing the sign for food, as he repeats "'nack" over and over again.
Hamilton has started letting us know through a verbal mini-tantrum when something doesn't suit him. Obviously, I'm trying to nip this behavior in the bud. As Hamilton becomes more aware and excited about Collier, he wants to hold Collier and touch him whenever he wants. Today Hamilton threw a fit because I took Collier out of his lap when the baby was squawking. Hamilton seemed unphased unfazed by Collier's cries to my surprise.


  1. What a face!
    By the way, I think the word is unfazed.

  2. Ha! As I typed that word, I wondered, is this the way you spell this? Then, I couldn't imagine a different way, but I didn't look it up like I usually do. So, yes, I've looked it up now, and "unfazed" is correct for my meaning. However, a website I found said "unphased" was a "technical joking substitute." So I'll pretend I was so hip.