May 31, 2011

Enjoying the Beach

Since Mom and Dad came to see Claire's talent-show performance, they stayed a few days to visit with us. Friday we took the boys to the beach. Hamilton's last trip to the beach was before he was walking, so I was eager to see how he enjoyed it being mobile now.

As we slathered on sunscreen and packed our cooler, we told Hamilton we were headed to the beach. He kept saying, "ditch," though he did seem excited about it. He was fascinated by all the people, and we had to keep a close eye on him. He easily wanders off (or runs off) because he's so friendly and unafraid of people.

Once we got Hamilton settled, he loved the water and the sand. He quickly discovered a little boy near us who had some fun-looking sand toys and trucks. The little boy was so sweet to share them with Hamilton.
The little boy was a few years older than Hamilton, and he enjoyed splashing Hamilton with water. After Hamilton looked a little surprised and slightly scared, I gave the little boy a stern, don't-do-that-again look that only a mama can muster.
Hamilton spent lots of time on his hands and knees letting the waves crash into him. Pops was at the ready in case Hamilton ventured too far into the oncoming water. I do enjoy Hamilton's laughing grin in this picture--like he's having the time of his life.
The county park was not renting umbrellas on Friday, which was unfortunate for us with a baby in tow. Dad rigged up a tent out of towels and a beach chair for Collier.

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