July 26, 2010

At the Beach

We're planning to go to the beach tomorrow because Mimi and Hamilton arrived today, and I picked up Claire at noon. Yes, the kid-free weekend is over, but I'm so glad to have both kids back! So here are pictures from our last beach trip.

Nearly two weeks ago my dear friend Bess, a fellow Mountville-native, dashed down to Charleston for a short visit. She loves the beach, so Friday morning we loaded up both kids, a cooler of refreshments, towels, and sunscreen. After three stops to find Hamilton a must-have hat, we made it to the beach.

I so enjoy sitting under an umbrella and reading a book at the beach; however, Hamilton only wanted to sit in the shade long enough to eat his lunch. He looked so big sitting on my beach chair's footstool enjoying his Cheerios.
Mmmm, peaches and sand didn't seem to bother him too much.
Then he was off toward the water--and I was out of my precious shade and into the blazing sun.

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