May 29, 2011

One Month Old

Yesterday Collier turned one month old, though I took these pictures just a few days before. He's smiling now which is so sweet. And, he responds to voices especially mine and Mr. Morgan's. I think he's grown a lot in the last few weeks, and we'll get official stats after our visit this week with the doctor. Collier will soon outgrown his newborn clothes, as he continues to eat like a champ.
Collier's also sleeping well with his five naps a day, and most nights he sleeps six hours--and sometimes eight!--before he wakes up for his morning feeding. Those are great mornings because I feel so rested. With the constant buzz of a toddler in the house, I need all the energy I can get.

He's starting to make cooing sounds, which are so precious. His sweet "ahs" are a stark contrast to the glass-shattering squeal he produces when he's hungry or his tummy is upset. Collier has a pensive face that he makes often. His furrowed brow is so funny, for it makes me think he's contemplating deep truths.

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