December 4, 2009

The Wedding

The bride requested we be at the church for pictures by 2 pm sharp. I was not surprised when two of the honorary bridesmaids (and cousins of the bride) sounded like they'd be late when I talked with them at 1:15. I was surprised to find everyone in the large family and extra-large extended family ready for pictures when he was supposed to be. Since I arrived a few minutes early, I was able to capture two-year-old Livie with her hair still in rags.
Mollie Brooke was a beautiful and laid-back bride.The big house was decorated beautifully in a fall theme. With all the old and cold people stuffed inside, we were thankful for the toasty fires in the yard.Hamilton was prepared for the cold, outdoor reception with his ski hat.My longtime friend Vanessa Stumbo, a fellow honorary bridesmaid and nursing mother, retreated with me to a deserted upstairs bedroom to feed our hungry babies during the reception. Mr. Morgan enjoyed the red wine with Tyler, a fellow honorary-bridesmaid's-husband.Mollie Brooke and Matt, the happy couple, enjoyed an after-party at Sports Break (where Matt manages and tends bar), since they weren't headed off to the honeymoon until the following day.

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