December 29, 2009

Early Christmas

We saved lots of money on our ski trip because we checked out on Christmas Day. We celebrated our "Christmas morning" with both families, a big breakfast, and presents on Christmas Eve. Before we even left for the trip, I explained to Claire that we'd be doing Christmas and Santa presents in Snowshoe and early on Christmas Eve. She thought for a minute then said seriously, "Well, Jesus could have been born on Christmas Eve, right, Gray?"

Claire's big present from Santa (or us as she always likes to remind) was a digital camera. I thought she'd enjoy one of her own; however, I never realized how much. She didn't put it down for the rest of the trip.Eventually we had to restrict her use of flash photography around the little one. We figured several hundred, up-close flashes in the course of one day couldn't be helpful for developing eyes.

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