December 29, 2009

More Snow

We bundled up on a pretty afternoon for some family pictures out in the snow. It's an ordeal to get Hamilton in his snowsuit, and he doesn't enjoy the getting in. Once he's in, he likes it; and I'm sure he likes being warm. Mimi and Pops pose with the grandkids. And, Pops enjoys an opportunity to wear his "mother-Russia" hat, which is actually from Romania.Here's part of the clan in front of our townhouse.Little Hamilton is a sweet snow bunny, and we loved snapping lots of photos of him in the snow.
Our whole group met near the slopes after a full day of skiing. Joe was taking most of the pictures, but everyone else is pictured (from left): Travis, Hamilton, Dale, me with Claire in front, Mr. Morgan, Deb, Spencer, and Judy.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all the pics and felt very privileged to be in the mix. Glad I could still get out there!