November 22, 2009

Last Tailgate

With our weekend spent in Mountville, we were able to enjoy Presbyterian College's last home game this season. Hometown boy Sam Wilson played the last game of his football career, and we tailgated with the Wilsons, the Whams, and everybody. Sam is a great player, though unfortunately PC has had their worst season ever. Seeing all our friends and "family" made a fun day of catching up with dear friends, playing keep-away with Claire until our lungs hurt, eating delicious tailgate grub, and cheering for Sam.

The day was chilly, so we all bundled up. Mimi recently bought Hamilton a cute hat for our upcoming family ski trip, and our cold, outdoor day called for a test-drive.We weren't the only out-of-towners at the tailgate; the Thompsons from Iowa made an appearance with Mary Ellis, who was born just eight days after Hamilton. Though Mary Ellis is several pounds bigger with more head control, talks of an arranged marriage abounded. Hamilton gazed at his "betrothed."
Mary Ellis did the same. She seemed taken with Hamilton's hat. Hamilton was a great sport all day, taking two naps in the back of the car and wowing everyone with his cuteness.
Mimi watched Hamilton during most of the game, so I was able to enjoy catching up with Bess and Anna.
Following the game, we tailgated again with even more folks dropping by to finish off the food. Claire made a friend, and they played football and tag until hunger drove them to the chili pot. With the sun's going down, Mr. Morgan got chilled, so Claire took it upon herself to help warm him.

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