February 16, 2011


Claire's Strings group performed last night at her school's Family Reading Night. We enjoyed a catered meal while we listened to the fifth-graders play their stringed instruments. My ears were definitely nervous about listening to such a big group of still-learning voilin, viola, and cello players. Thankfully, the Strings teacher's piano accompaniment made the sound tolerable. Claire said she was nervous while playing, but we couldn't tell. Claire's face is one of the only ones you can see in this shot because she's not totally covered up by her music stand. Providentially, we blindly chose seats right in front of where Claire was sitting during her performance.
I recorded part of their performance, so we could remember what Claire's viola playing sounded like as a fifth-grader just starting out.
Hamilton was so proud of Claire. He kept saying, "Sissy," pointing to the stage throughout her performance. He especially loved clapping at the end of each song.

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