February 14, 2011

Writing Assignment

This afternoon while Hamilton slept I began my fictional-character writing assignment. I think I'd been putting off even starting the assignment because fiction writing is not what I feel comfortable doing. I probably haven't written "creatively" since middle school. Our writers' group decided we'd stretch ourselves, since none of us are fiction writers. We are each creating a fictional character, and we're bringing our descriptions back to the group to incorporate our characters into a scene.

Once I opened up a blank Word document, my first thought was to describe someone I know because that would be easier for me. Since the purpose was to stretch my writing skills, I forced myself to get creative and actually imagine a new character. I started by visualizing what my character would look like. Then I answered some character-building questions about how my character would act in certain situations. Once I started, I found that the process got easier. I'm not sure what my fellow writers will think of my character, but I'm beginning to like her.

1 comment:

  1. It's so exciting to hear about your writing process. I'm reading a wonderful book just now and am constantly amazed at this writer's command of the language and her depth of characterization. How does one think up all that stuff?