February 7, 2011

Weekend Projects

We enjoyed a full and busy weekend with houseguests, birthday dinners, and parties. Mom, Dad, and Travis came Friday evening, and we ate dinner out at Evo--my choice since it was my birthday celebration. Back at the house, we devoured Boston creme pie and ice cream.

Saturday morning Mr. Morgan and Travis installed a rear-view camera in the Freestyle, while Mom and Dad helped me re-cover the cushions on our dining-room chairs. The fabric on the chairs was from my last house back in 2004, and some of the cushions showed considerable stains.
Mom and I found this fabulous fabric on one of our recent shopping trips.
With Mom's and Dad's expert help, we quickly had the old fabric covered with the fun, squiggly stripes.


  1. Great squiggles to hide stains! :-)

  2. Yes, I hope they'll work to hide lots of stains, especially as we add messy eaters to the family!