October 7, 2010

Writers' Group

I've joined a writers' group, and I feel so excited and decidedly cool to write that. While Hamilton was playing at school, I met three fellow writers at a coffee shop. We're wives and mothers, published writers and homemakers. Some of us blog or intend to blog, and some of us write professionally. We chatted about our writing styles, our goals and aspirations in our writing, and our expectations for the group. And, we all agreed we wanted accountability and encouragement in our writing.

While blogging is great in some ways for motivating me to write--I have regular readers, I feel like I've gotten into a rut with the topics about which I feel comfortable blogging. So my desire is to blog and write about new topics and things that are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I know all my readers love "Claire-isms" and pictures of Hamilton, and those topics will continue to be featured at Morgan Adventures. However, I'm also hoping to explore other topics that I haven't made the time to write about or felt like I could sufficiently write about before.

So don't be surprised by an out-of-the-ordinary blog post; I'll be trying some new topics and styles. I hope my wonderful, reliable readers will enjoy the journey.


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  2. Gray, I am so excited about the Writer's Group and so excited to see your blog post about it. I look forward to the new topics to be featured on Morgan Adventures. I do love your blog! PS - I know who "intends to blog." ha

  3. How exciting! You are very creative -- I look forward to the new blog content!

  4. Go girl! I'm looking forward to reading them.