October 1, 2010

Garage Redo

Back near the end of July, I decided to tackle the garage. I knew we'd have to put some money into a good storage system, and I wanted to completely change the organization of it. Our current system was not working, and I was determined that it could be better. Mr. Morgan works on so many projects out in the garage--bikes, cars, lawn equipment, and we store unused and seldom-used items out there because our attic is so small.

Organizing all the lawn equipment, tools, bikes, toys, ladders (we had 3), baby stuff, chairs, etc. was an enormous undertaking, and I didn't know how long this project would take when I started. I may have been less enthusiastic if I had known. Below is the garage just before I started clearing everything out and sorting into piles.
Earlier that morning I had been to Lowe's to pick up some necessary, heavy-duty, storage units. The two men who helped me to my car with the flatbed cart and regular buggie were so surprised that it all fit.
After two months of countless hours of Mr. Morgan and I working together, going through every box and tool, we finally finished. Some weeks were lost to my new pregnancy and feeling bad, so we could possibly have finished a bit sooner if we hadn't gotten pregnant in the middle of the project. I'm SO happy about the way it turned out, and Mr. Morgan has been great at keeping it organized after working on projects.


  1. Wow! I'm so jealous of your garage! When are you gonna come do mine? ;-)

  2. Well done! You should get an award for sticking with it.