October 28, 2010

Hamilton at the Fair

Hamilton mostly pal'd around with Pops while Mom and I walked through the vendors at the Country Living Fair. After his afternoon nap, Hamilton had lots of energy, so we took a break to get a snack and snap some pictures of him with a huge pile of pumpkins serving as a photo spot for many folks. He was obsessed with the little, green-and-yellow-striped pumpkins.
I asked Hamilton to sit beside the pumpkins, but in doing so he dirtied his hands on the grass and straw. Here he's wiping them off as has become his habit when they get any dirt on them.
Hamilton's again excited about a striped pumpkin, though I think it's a different one from before.
During our photo shoot, Hamilton was distracted by a bright-yellow biplane that kept circling above the fair. I ended up with twenty pictures of his hand in the air signaling "airplane." Pops was such a trooper entertaining Hamilton most of the day.
How he continues to drum up such enthusiasm and excitement over the striped pumpkins is so cute.
I tried to get my child to sit closer to me for the photo, but his sitting while I was sitting was the best I could do.
Under the covered shelter, Hamilton found more delights like these dogs framed in wire and stuffed with moss.

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