October 29, 2010

Ordering Prints

For the first few months of Hamilton's life, I was diligent about posting all the pictures I took onto Snapfish. However, after about September 2009 life got busier, and my uploading hundreds of pictures every month did not happen. Hence, we don't have many prints of Hamilton, and both our families are always asking about getting our pictures.

I finally did a little research to discover that Blogger (who hosts this blog) and Picasa (who hosts the pictures from this blog in a web album) make ordering prints of the very pictures you see on the blog so simple. There's a permanent link on our blog's sidebar titled Photo Album which will take readers to our Picasa web album. That Morgan Adventures album hosts all the pictures that are part of the blog.

To order prints of pictures you see on this blog, select an image, which enlarges the image on a new page. Then click the Prints drop-down menu near the top of the page, and select Order Prints. That image is added to your cart; continue adding other images to your cart in this way. To view your cart and order prints, click view in the yellow box near the top of the page.

On the Order Prints page, you'll see all the print providers you can use to buy your prints. Click the name of your preferred print provider to see an order screen. You can even order prints through Walgreens and pick up the prints at your neighborhood store.

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