October 6, 2010

Fifteen Months Old

Hamilton was officially fifteen months yesterday, though I took these pictures this morning before school while we waited on the front porch for "Miss Amanda" to arrive for carpooling. Since it was 45 degrees this morning when we woke up, I dug around for some fall clothes for Hamilton and found these which he'd been given as a baby.

Hamilton loves to play outside, and we've spent most of the week in the backyard. Hamilton loves to carry around "treasures"; these plastic shovels have been favorites for a few weeks. Treasures work best if they're small and fit into his hand, making them easy to carry around. Last night his chosen treasure--the plastic tray off the top of his highchair--was way too big and cumbersome, so he got irritated and cried/fussed while dragging and playing with the plastic tray that's almost as big as he is.

He's great at giving kisses now whenever asked, though he always wants to shower whoever else is around with kisses too. There's nothing better than getting a wet kiss from that little boy, especially as a "good-bye" when I strap him in Miss Amanda's car for school.

He's using two more signs now--cheese and help. Cheese is a favorite food and probably the one he consumes the quickest. Hamilton asks for help when he wants to get onto the couch on the porch with me. He'll sit for a few seconds on the cushions like a big boy, smiling and looking impressed with himself; then he properly gets down by himself, going feet first. Immediately he'll ask for help again to get back up on the couch, and the cycle continues. I usually only help him onto the couch once; I know his wiley ways.

Hamilton's still enjoying school, though he is so glad to see me when I pick him up. His note home from school today said, "Hamilton enjoyed playing with cars today, and he makes great sound effects."

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