October 28, 2010

Back in the Swing

Why does it seem to take as many days to recover from a vacation as the duration of the vacation itself? I've been recovering all week from our long weekend spent mostly in Georgia. I'm finally seeing the end of the laundry and putting away now-empty suitcases. This morning I have a little time to myself to blog, sip tea, and eat my delicious asiago cheese bagel while Hamilton is at school.

Since Saturday was Mr. Morgan's 35th birthday, I planned a great trip for us which included two different days of bike riding for him. (And, Mom and I got to visit the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain State Park.) We did the bulk of our celebrating on Friday night at our hotel suite: Mom had made a delicious cake, and we'd all brought our presents for the birthday boy.
Mom and Dad gave Mr. Morgan a much-needed and much-asked-for music stand for his banjo practicing. Travis gave him an iTunes gift card, so Mr. Morgan could purchse the new Taylor Swift album that was released on Monday. Hamilton has already enjoyed dancing to the new tunes.
With MUCH help from Mom, I gave Mr. Morgan a t-shirt quilt we'd compiled from nearly 30 of his t-shirts. He loved it!
The quilt is made of mostly biking t-shirts and Atlas t-shirts, but a few are even from high school and college.

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  1. Awww...happy birthday to your Oct B-day baby! Mine was the 25th and Drew's was the 10th. We should plan a big party next year : )