October 14, 2010


I LOVE the story of the Chilean miners' rescue. I've listened to the play-by-play coverage of Fox News over the past three days, and last night we watched a 20/20 special Miracle at the Mine. I was fascinated by the resolve of the Chilean people and government officials who kept their focus on the rescue of the miners. The minister of mining was at the mine 17 days after the accident, as the rescuers were still searching for unlikely signs of life when they finally got the note--We're fine. All 33 miners.

The Chilean government welcomed help from around the world, and 20/20 reported that eight countries helped drill the half-mile, 26-inch-wide hole into the earth, design the escape pod for the miners, and construct a steel cable strong enough to lower and raise the escape pod through the earth nearly 40 times. The Chilean government spent $30 million on the rescue mission.

The cheering and chanting when each rescued miner emerged from the earth was so touching. I was amazed to learn the families had set up a "village" there in the desert near the mine with tents and RVs, a cafeteria serving donated food, a church providing Catholic Mass, and a school for the children. Seeing each reunion of the family members with their miners was heartwarming, and their emotions unfathomable. These men are "national heros," and there will be book and movie deals, fame and fortune; but I wonder how each miner's outlook on his life and family has changed in the little ways that can make a big difference.

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