July 8, 2010

July 4th Parade: Post 3

Before the parade, we enjoyed a hot-dog supper on the grounds at the fire department. I so enjoy going back to Mountville for events because I see many of my childhood friends and their ever-growing families. Most people are in festive garb for the parade, so the pictures--especially of the kids--look so cute.

Hamilton never lacked arms to hold him with Uncle Travis and Mimi around.
We snapped a quick photo of only us three, since Claire had already reunited with friends from last year's parade and had run off to compare decorated rides.I look forward to seeing some of my dearest friends at these reunion-like events. Bess and Vanessa, pictured here, are usually in attendance.Becca, another dear friend, works to feed her cute kids without getting hot-dog chili all over herself. One of my favorite four-year-olds Lawson, on the left with her Whoville-inspired headband, looks bewildered by Maggie Brooke's messiness. To be fair, Maggie Brooke just turned two in June.
I began to tease Mr. Morgan during our vacation because of the crazy expressions he likes to make when I'm taking pictures. And, Hamilton's got a "hundred-yard stare."

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