April 6, 2010


Last Thursday we joined in the Passover Seder that Redeemer hosted. Seth and I enjoyed last year's meal, and this year Claire was able to join us. Claire was asked to read the child's part during the responsive reading. She did well reading loudly and clearly for everyone to hear. Everyone came up to her afterwards saying what a good job she did.

During the meal she had lots of questions: One of her questions involved the wine that was served. Most folks drank red wine, though grape juice was offered for children and others who didn't want the wine. Claire was concerned that she not get the wine, and we assured her she'd be getting the juice. A few minutes later she asked, "Gray, what would happen if a kid drank alcohol? Would you die?"

"No, no, one sip wouldn't matter, but a few sips or more would be too much for a kid," I assured her. "It would just make you feel sleepy most likely," I started, trying to think of other symptoms that I could share with her.

With a helpful tone, Claire guessed, "Would it be like if you drank Ovaltine?"


  1. Of course this is really random but does Claire have a secret decoder ring?

  2. She's always thinking and trying to make sense of her world!