April 8, 2010

Meal Plan 1

Today I made our meal plan for the next week, and I'm hoping to continue to post our meal plans each week. I often get asked what I'm cooking, and I enjoy hearing what others are cooking. I have not cooked any of these meals before, so I cannot vouch for them. If you're looking for some don't-blame-me ideas for dinner, here's what the Morgans are having for the next six days.

Thursday - Cuban black beans and rice
I made this dish tonight, and it was delicious. It's vegetarian and healthy, though we added sour cream on top. Mr. Morgan, of course, added shredded cheddar cheese, since he likes "to err on the side of cheese." We included a spinach salad on the side.

Friday - Rosemary chicken with zucchini
This recipe claims to be a good make-ahead meal, since it's easily frozen and cooked later. I think I'll double the recipe and save the frozen portions for the several deliver-any-day-now moms I know.

Saturday - Tomato-rosemary tart
Hopefully we won't be too sick of rosemary to eat this tart for Saturday's lunch. I already had a puff-pastry package in the freezer, so after I bought tomatoes I was good-to-go.

Sunday - Broccoli and three-cheese lasagna
This vegetarian recipe looks hearty, so here's hoping Mr. Morgan can tolerate another no-meat dish.

Monday - Slow-roasted pork with taco fixings
I'm planning to slow-roast the pork starting early Monday, since it takes five hours. The meal should make for delicious leftovers for Mr. Morgan's lunches next week.

Tuesday - Shrimp with tomatoes and olives
For the little olive-LOVER in our family, I'm preparing this meal. After her soccer game, Claire will be famished, so I'm sure an olive-laden dish will be a welcome sight.


  1. Slow-roast pork is for people who haven't discovered the magic of Pressure Cooking! :-) I strongly suggest you look into it!

  2. Yeah!!! I might just copy your work for the week :) Meal planning is a lot of work! ...you are so good at it!