April 20, 2010

Meal Plan 2

My last meal plan actually lasted a few days longer than expected, with our eating out before Claire's soccer game and our traveling to Mountville for the weekend; so last night I finally made the next one.

Tuesday - Creamy ravioli and pesto gratin
With Claire's soccer game's not starting until 7:30 tonight, the coach asked all the parents to feed pasta and sugar to the girls at dinner. I'm sure Claire will have no complaints.

Wednesday - Poppy seed cole slaw
Our community group meets for dinner and Bible study, so I only have to provide a side for dinner. I'm contributing cole slaw to accompany the pulled-pork sandwiches. I use bagged slaw and this delicious poppy seed dressing. I'll mix in a chopped red onion, some feta cheese, and a little apple-cider vinegar if needed.

Thursday - Paprika spiced pork chops with spinach saute
I pick up our CSA produce in the afternoon, so I'll have some delicious fresh veggies to prepare with the chops.

Friday - Bacon Pimiento Cheeseburgers
I'm hoping the weather cooperates, allowing us to grill on Friday night and enjoy our dinner on the patio. I'll make "fat fries" to serve with the burgers, just like Deb used to make. After washing baking potatoes, rub butter on the skins and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake the potatoes until almost done. Carefully slice the hot potatoes into quarters. Rub butter on both non-skin sides of each wedge, then sprinkle with Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Broil the wedges again for 5-10 minutes.

Saturday - Barbecued pork quesadillas
Last week I didn't use all the pork I made, so I froze the leftovers. The thawed pork should make these quesadillas quick to make, which I always appreciate in a weekend meal.

Sunday - Tacos with spinach, corn, and goat cheese
The recipe calls for tofu; however, I've never prepared tofu. Mr. Morgan would rather have meat anyway, so I'll be substituting ground turkey. This recipe is for folks who don't like chopping; Real Simple calls it a no-knife recipe.

Sunday - Tuna salad with lemon aioli
Since Sundays usually require two meals, I like to make quick-prep dishes with lighter fare.

Monday - Chicken and sweet potatoes with shallots
I'll pair another CSA veggie with this dish.

Tuesday - Linguine with asparagus and pine nuts
I've never eaten or cooked pine nuts before, so I figured it's high time. I'm also hopeful we'll get some fresh asparagus from the CSA like we did last week.

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  1. Gray -- your meals sound delish! Thanks for sharing. I know its probably too late for this...since you made the ravioli/pesto dish last night...but pesto is really easy to make, especially if you are already buying pine nuts for another meal. You really just need pine nuts, basil (very easy to grow your own), olive oil, garlic & parmesan cheese. Yum...is it lunch time yet?