April 29, 2010


Claire's championship soccer game was Tuesday night. It was an early game, thank goodness, so we went to cheer on Claire and her team. Claire (on the far right) gets ready for the game to start.Hamilton helped cheer on the team too, though when he was confused about exactly which team we'd be cheering on. He loved my cheering, and always laughed when I clapped and yelled for the girls.
Claire's team won the game by a score of 1-0! The other team was really good and had beaten Claire's team twice during the regular season. So it was an exciting win! Claire, as seen pointing below, was just as excited about a duck that attended the game. Her words directly following her's team win: "Hey Gray, can you believe we won the CHAMPionship!?! Did you see that Megan's sister brought a baby duck?"Oh, and she was excited about the Oreo Cakesters the girls got for after-game snacks.
Claire was also excited about getting a trophy, though she seems to be eyeing the bigger team trophy in this picture. She declared, "I'm so glad I have somewhere to put a trophy now." I'm not sure what she meant, but the trophy most likely will occupy a place of honor in her room.Here are the Chick-fil-A Pink Panthers--notice the pink socks--with the coach and the parents. They performed their Pink-Panther chant as a final cheer of the season: "Duh duhnt, duh duhnt, duh duhnt, duh duhnt, duh duhnt, duh duhnt, duh DUHNT, PINK PANTHERS!" Claire loved the chant, though I'm sure she had no idea that her coach did not make it up.


  1. The Pink Panther theme song is the default ringer on my phone, so I especially appreciated this post! :-)

  2. I loved the soccer pics. Claire is indeed a champ!