April 9, 2010


Because Claire was with us for all of her spring break, Mr. Morgan took Wednesday and Thursday off from work. We planned some family events to make the special days memorable and fun. Our first, official family-fun-day started with lunch downtown at East Bay Deli. Mr. Morgan put aside his previously sworn boycott, since the deli was on our way to the Aquarium, our next destination. His aversion to walking for pleasure downtown overruled his grudge against the one-time-unfriendly-after-closing-time staff. The weather was beautiful, and we enjoyed our lunch outside on the sidewalk.The Aquarium has huge tanks where Claire enjoyed watching the fish, eels, and other marine life.
Hamilton also enjoyed watching the fish, though he hasn't learned yet to look when and where you're pointing.Outside the Aquarium is a great view of the Ravenel Bridge and the water. Mr. Morgan tolerated my taking pictures of Hamilton and him, but I think they're making similar questioning faces.
I thought this frog sculpture was awesome--Claire not so much.Outside the Aquarium we bought overpriced Italian ice, much to Claire's delight. Then we headed toward a fun-looking park we'd spied on the walk to the Aquarium. Hamilton enjoyed the swings, though he didn't really fit in the base.Mr. Morgan helped Hamilton slide, but he'll most likely enjoy sliding more when he's not in daddy's grips. What could be more fantastic than ending our family-fun-day at a park with a playground!?

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