April 6, 2010

Beach Day

This afternoon we headed to the beach to soak up the sun. It was much cooler and windier than we thought, so poor Claire was freezing after she took a dip. By the time we made it out to the beach, it was nearly time for Hamilton's nap. He slept bundled up in the shade.
Hamilton loved the sand and shells. Hopefully our next trip will be warmer, and I can put him in the water to play.
Before we left, I walked down to the water with Hamilton. We stuck our feet in the cold water, and he loved it, especially the small waves lapping around his knees.


  1. You're lucky he likes sand. When Kelsey (now 15 1/2) was his age, she was deathly afraid of sand. We have some funny footage (somewhere) of trying to set her down in the sand and her throwing her feet up in the air and screaming in mortal terror. (Yes, we traumatize our children on a regular basis, but they don't seem any worse for wear! :-)

  2. Maybe Hamilton will be a beach bum like his Mimi. The pictures are adorable!