April 29, 2010

Florence Verlinda Ellington Marbury, R.I.P

Mr. Morgan's grandmother passed away Tuesday afternoon with sweet, constant Judy by her side. Judy had been taking care of Grandmother for over a month in Judy and Joe's home, ensuring Grandmother's last days and weeks were comfortable and peaceful. Mr. Morgan, Hamilton, and I flew yesterday to Tennessee to be with the family and attend the funeral.

Grandmother was known also as "Uga" to some because her husband used to call her "Sugar," which he eventually morphed into "Uga." Mr. Morgan continued the "Uga" tradition, so now Claire refers to her by that pet name as well.
She was a gentle soul who laughed and laughed at Mr. Morgan's jokes, especially his good-natured imitations of her late husband Dosy. Though he died back in 2004, his family adored him and still tells stories about him.
She's survived by two devoted children, David and Judy; five grandchildren, all boys; and five great-grandchildren. She's pictured here in 2006 with great-grandson Dawsey, Mr. Morgan's nephew.Claire and Mr. Morgan visited Grandmother back in February of this year when she first got really sick, and Claire colored this picture for her. Judy kept the artwork in Grandmother's room.Grandmother and Claire are pictured here in 2004 at Joe and Judy's old house in Batesville, Miss.Grandmother and Claire are pictured here in 2003 at Grandmother's old house in Brownsville, Tenn.

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