April 29, 2012

Our Birthday Boy

Yesterday our baby turned one! I've decided we can't call him "Baby" or "Baby C" anymore, since he's not a baby--and who wants that nickname anyway? Our Saturday was ordinary, but the boys did enjoy week-old birthday cake after dinner. Most of our celebrating was done last weekend when our families were in town for Collier's baptism. Of course he wore the same gown that Hamilton wore.
We shared the day with another family at church who were having their little guy baptized, too.
How special and sweet it was to have our church family praying for Collier.
Pastor Craig walked Collier up and down the aisle for the church family to get a better look.
Our families joined us for Sunday lunch, though we saved birthday cake and ice cream for after the boys' naps.
We created a cow cake for Collier using this idea.
Collier loved the ice cream and cake; I'm sure he cried when they were gone. He usually does.
The birthday boy was covered in chocolate icing.
After the sweets, Hamilton helped open Collier's gifts. Collier loved walking behind this brightly colored, wheeled toy.
Last night the boys and I had a small celebration with Hamilton's singing "Happy Birfanks" to Collier. (Mr. Morgan was driving back from a men's retreat in Atlanta; he arrived at bedtime for hugs and kisses.)
Both boys wanted more cake than they were given--even after I gave a not-normal second helping, so I could take pictures.
Hamilton's singing is hard to hear on this video unless your volume is loud. But "birfanks" is what he's singing with an "Amen" at the end. And I love how Collier is so good and quick at eating--especially delicious birthday cake!

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