April 18, 2012

Palm Sunday

I realize this post isn't timely; however, the pictures and video are too cute not to share. For Palm Sunday we enjoyed the children's singing at the beginning of the worship service. Hamilton and his friends headed over beforehand to practice in hopes that they'd be comfortable enough with the stage to actually sing once the pews were packed. The boys walked over hand-in-hand.
Hamilton did sing a bit during practice, though I was still skeptical of his participation during the worship service.
These three boys are such best buds; they elected to hold hands while leaving the sanctuary after practice.
I put Hamilton's little jacket on him for the singing during the service. He participated a little until he and West decided they'd better sit down for the last song.
Here's a video of their singing during practice; Hamilton didn't sing much more during the service.

Hamilton's outfit was Travis's when he was a little boy, so I wanted a shot of them together. Travis and Cheri were in town for the bridge run, so they joined us at Redeemer and I got my photo. Mom made the cute trousers and jacket so many years ago. Mr. Morgan said Hamilton looked like a Von Trapp child.
Hamilton found a yummy cupcake that the college students were giving away for donations. He quickly wolfed it down, and I had to write a check.
Hamilton loves "Mih Druid" who leads the kids in such sweet songs.

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