April 18, 2012

So Much

Several weeks ago my friend Kelly and I were saying how we hoped we'd hear soon from our mutual, though out-of-town, friend who often goes "off the radar" for months at a time. Kelly wisely declared that perhaps our friend thinks, Oh there's so much to tell them about and catch up on since we last talked. It'll take forever; I'm exhausted just thinking of talking to either of them. So she doesn't call. Really, we just want to talk to her, hear her voice--even if it's brief.

I realized the other day that I was thinking of this blog that way: There's so much to chronicle, so many pictures to post, so much fun stuff to write about--when will I have that much time? Those thoughts were passively hindering my posting to the blog. So I'm trying to break out of that thinking and just post even if I can't catch up totally in my allotted time to write.


  1. Gray, I feel the same way about the blog sometimes. It can feel overwhelming when you "get behind" on posting. Rest assured - all of us who read just love "hearing your voice" - whatever you chose to write about! Oh, and Julie, if you're reading this... Call us!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Kelly. I so enjoy your blog, and seeing you in real life is great, too. Ditto, Jules!