April 18, 2012

Egg Hunts

Hamilton and Collier had multiple opportunities to participate in egg hunts this year. Amanda and I took the boys and baby Emory to the egg hunt on the Air Force base; then we had a picnic at the park, so the boys could play at the playground. Hamilton's jon-jon from last year with the smocked bunny still fit him, so we got another year of wear out of it. (I'm not sure it's appropriate to dress little boys in bunnies if it's not Easter time. I'm sure Mr. Morgan would wonder, Is it ever appropriate?)
There wasn't much "hunting" for these eggs, but Hamilton and Grady seemed to love it, especially once Hamilton realized there was candy inside each egg.
Here's Hamilton's picking up eggs and getting wise to the candy inside.

After the hunt, Hamilton and Grady examined their spoils and gave back the eggs. (Yes, I still had Hamilton using the Halloween basket, but I did at least pin a colored paper egg over the pumpkin.)
The big boys stood still long enough for a picture of everyone together, and Collier didn't seem to mind just watching the action from his stroller.
In Mountville we went to another egg hunt on a beautiful day where the eggs were a bit more hidden with at least pine straw and shrubs to look around. All the kids looked so cute in their Easter finery.
For some reason Hamilton latched onto this little girl's arm before the start of the hunt.
Off he went hunting for the eggs, looking like such a big boy!
Uncle Travis helped a bit.
The sandpile in the shade was Hamilton's favorite place to play after the hunt.
My boys jumped in on the picture of the Watts grandkids. Collier enjoyed watching Dolly (beside him) who was born just a few weeks ahead of him.
Hamilton loved the Fred-Flintstone car and wanted to take his brother for a ride.


  1. Cute. This reminds me of the egg hunts at the church in Clinton.

  2. Yes, it reminded me of them, too! So many pictures we have of us as kids in our Easter dresses posing in front of the flowers year after year.