May 16, 2012

May Mayhem

I've done it again. So much time goes by between posts that, dear reader, I'm sure it's hard for you to stick with me. My time is so divided and rationed with two rambling boys, a maturing middle-schooler, and a sweetheart husband. My house doesn't get cleaned nearly as often as it should--though in fairness to the other "less busy seasons" of my life, it never did. My list of things to share seems to grow exponentially the longer it takes me to post.

1. We're busy around the Morgan household, as I think everyone is especially in May. Claire and Hamilton both have year-end events next Thursday night, and Claire's already had two year-end viola concerts. Mr. Morgan and Grandma Judy attended her first concert. Claire's in the middle of this sea of performers.
Claire's two best friends joined her for a banana split following the concert.
2. It's been 10 years since I graduated from college, and during alumni weekend I got together with my roommate and suitemate from freshman year. We toured the campus which has WAY more stuff than when we attended--new buildings for just about every department, more "green space," and a much bigger and oh-so-necessary library. We were slightly jealous of the new students, as we listened to our tour guide talk about all the improvements. I also felt old seeing the potential students, but the distinguishing part of the campus--the old buildings, historic homes, and large live oaks--hadn't changed a bit.
We dined at Palmetto Cafe in the Charleston Place hotel, which was delicious, but the skylights created unflattering shadows for the only picture I snapped of the three of us.
A few shots from freshman year really bring back the memories.
3. The boys and I have been thoroughly enjoying Sandra McCracken's new album for children. We've been listening to the few teaser songs she released for free a few weeks ago. Yesterday the full album went on sale. For anyone with little ones, it's a great listen for you and your kids. And every song teaches a big truth in a simple way, using my favorite phrase "little one" in each song. Hamilton loves each song, asks for each by name, and knows most all the words. So cute. And he's learning awesome truths like, "Little one, in the storm God cares for you."

4. Hamilton and Collier escaped for a few days with Mimi and Pops at the farm last week. I got lots of house projects done, so I was happy. The boys spent a day at the Tweetsie Railroad riding a real train, so Pops and Hamilton were both happy. (I'm not sure which one was more excited about the train ride though.) Read all about their adventures. Mr. Morgan and I ate dinner in peace with no squealing and no feeding the ravenous monster that Collier has turned into. We even had enough energy for a date night.

5. Claire and I relished our rare girls' afternoon (because the little boys were away) that we spent at earthArt Pottery. Everything about our experience was delightful. I have not stopped talking about it to everyone I meet! We'll go back soon to finish our clay hand-built pieces that we started.

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