August 11, 2011

The Week with Kids

1. I've been setting the alarm to wake me up this week earlier than the children, so I can get my pumping out of the way before Collier wakes needing to be fed. Since I'm freed up to feed him when he does wake, Mr. Morgan is able to get ready for work without much delay making his morning easier (I hope). I've used the quiet, alone hour of the morning to read my Bible and journal. I've enjoyed this time to myself as I start my day, though juggling the pump while reading and writing is a bit cumbersome.

2. Caring for two small children has proved more work than I thought it would be--if that's possible. I'm just not sure I was really prepared for how precious little time I'd have to do anything else not involving their welfare. Surely all parents are not this clueless.

3. Since Claire's 11 now, I've been relying on her to help this summer in many new ways. She gives Hamilton baths many nights, and sometimes she'll put him to bed all by herself. Today while I sat in the car with the boys, she ran in to buy diapers. She told me she'd never been into a grocery store all by herself before. Tuesday night Mr. Morgan and I finally saw the final Harry Potter movie, and I was so comfortable with leaving the babysitter only a few instructions because I knew Claire would help her and show her where things were when necessary.

4. I'm so ready for our upcoming beach trip with Mom and Dad. Having help during the day with the boys and staying put during the mornings will be a welcome treat after our busiest week of the summer. Monday we met Claire's new piano teacher. Tuesday Hamilton's friend West came over for camp. Wednesday I had a hair appointment. And, today, we played at the Shealys' awesome, neighborhood pool. Tomorrow is Claire's middle-school orientation, so we'll all be out and about early again.

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  1. We had so much fun seeing you guys yesterday! And, just so you know, I believe that all parents ARE that clueless - it's just that only a few of us will actually admit it ;) Looking forward to see you again sooner rather than later!