August 26, 2011

Oh Vacation

Why do I feel three steps behind the week after a vacation? I mean, I had lots of good help with the boys and some time to relax and "be myself" (as Claire would say), but this week has been so packed that I've felt behind on most everything. Some events that contributed to the crazyness and busyness of the week:
  1. We returned on Monday afternoon from the beach, so I felt thrown into the week without proper preparation before it was already nearly Tuesday.
  2. Claire's starting middle school meant an afternoon trip to Mt. Pleasant with both boys and the homework-completing/instrument-practicing rush in the afternoon and evening.
  3. Mr. Morgan is preparing for a juice cleanse next week, so we've been eating new, lighter recipes including little meat, dairy, and grains. I've spent more time in the kitchen to make these different recipes for lunches and suppers. (I would also be participating in this cleanse, but I can't since I'm still breastfeeding. So I'm being supportive by fixing appropriate meals in preparation for the cleanse.) 

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